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Sara Fischer Sanford, 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Sara Fischer Sanford, LCSW (She, Her, Hers) is a psychotherapist in private practice in Noe Valley, San Francisco, California. Almost twenty years ago Sara was proudly among the first class of individuals to graduate with a degree in Women's Studies at Vanderbilt University. Societal norms have changed over time, but not Sara's passion for equality and support for survivors. 

Now, as a psychotherapist, Sara proudly provides care to any individual, regardless of sexual orientation, background, faith, or color. This is a practice that is judgment free.

Trauma is specific. Trauma is individual. Trauma is not defined in a single word or phrase. Don't discount your experience. Trauma can be one moment, one day, or over years. Regardless of the time and incident, trauma can change how you are valued.

Self care, authenticity, and acceptance are necessary and a priority for mental health and wellbeing throughout life. Therapy is the place we go to find this piece of ourselves.