Lose Your Hair. 

Don't Lose Yourself.

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Comprehensive Therapy

for those 

Experiencing Hair Loss

Mayo Clinic research indicates that 55% of women experience hair loss by the age of 70. Why are we not talking about this?

You don't have to navigate your hair loss journey alone.

What are my options? Hair or No Hair. Just be you.

Wigs are a great solution for hiding hair loss of any kind. Wigs can be made of human hair or synthetic hair and prices vary from brand to brand. Wigs today do not look like wigs of the past. Don't worry about learning the details and the lingo. Find the connection between self worth, self confidence, and feeling your best.

I cannot imagine ever wearing a wig. What does self esteem look like?

Hair toppers do not fully cover the head, but rather clip on top of your natural hair to cover balding or thinning. Hair toppers can also be used to add volume or density. No need to know the details. Bring your challenges to therapy and find your confidence again.

How do I know where to begin? Educate yourself through the pain. 

What do you need to wear a wig? There are answers about wig caps, wig brushes, wig tape, clips, combs, adhesive, wig grips, and everything else you may need to wear your wig with confidence. Good mental health aligns with confidence, self acceptance, and kindness.