Psychedelic Integration Therapy

Cutting Edge Therapy for Your Individual Journey

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Your Private Psychedelic Intensive Starting at $250

This intensive Session allows you to combine weeks of psychotherapy into a brief and consolidated approach. 

Prepare for your journey, learn how psychedelic psychotherapy is effective as a cutting edge approach, and ensure you have tools for a self-guided journey that focuses on your unique mental health needs. 

Preparation Sessions

Each client will meet with Sara for two sessions prior to taking their psychedelic medication. This allows Sara to gather your history, set your intentions, as well as ensure that you have a safe and practical space for the experience at home. 

Integration Sessions

Following the Psychedelic Experience, each client will meet with Sara for 6 sessions. This will allow you to share insights you gained while taking the medication. Most importantly Sara will use these sessions to help you apply the experience to your own mental health needs.

Additional Sessions Available

Most clients are able to see benefits following the initial 8 sessions. However some clients will find that they wish to repeat the medication and others will wish to pursue long term therapy. Please inquire for details.