Sara Fischer Sanford

Trauma Informed, Mindfulness Based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is Eclectic and Evidence Based

Sara Fischer Sanford, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Sara began her career nearly 20 years ago working as a Victim Advocate for Adults and Children seeking protective orders due to domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking. This role is where Sara's passion for trauma treatment began.  Trauma is unique and does not always fall in this area.

After completing graduate school a decade ago, Sara continued to treat those with acute and complex medical needs at Kaiser Permanente as a Medical Social Worker. Facing and fighting health insurance became Sara's daily life. She knows the struggle we all face with accessing the care we need.

Now as a private psychotherapist, Sara created Bridge to Wellness Counseling based on her values and compassion for patients seeking true comfort, understanding, and emotional safety. Therapy is for growth and happiness, and shapes your daily life. Sara is your guide and mentor as you reach your goals.